Academic Background

MSc in Neuroscience at University of Trieste (Italy).

B.Sc. in Biological Sciences

Target language: Italian

Short Bio: I come from Caserta, a close city to the charming town of Naples (Italy). I am passionate about psychedelic research. My main interest is primarily linked to the mechanism of action of psychedelic substances in the brain and how they can modify all those physiological pathways involved in perception, cognition, and mood. Furthermore, I am interested in using these powerful substances as a potential treatment for different pathological conditions (depression, anxiety, addiction, and chronic pain).

I am also passionate about dancing, yoga, and trekking.

Why do you support the BTG?  

I believe this is an exciting and beneficial initiative for myself and the readers.

Thanks to the heterogeneity of the covered topics, collaborating with BTG allows me to be constantly updated in the psychedelics field from a scientific, political, and cultural point of view!

Translating articles in my native language also allows me to assimilate the topics discussed effectively and enables me to improve my skills in both the English and Italian languages.

Finally, I thank the entire BTG team for their constant availability and cordiality. It is truly a pleasure to collaborate with you!

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