University: University of Geneva

Field of Study: Pharmaceutical sciences

Academic title: M.Sc.

Internship period: February-May 2020

Main tasks during your internship: Creating educational content for the Molecules program:
-Literature research
-Presentation making

Motivation Statement: When I was pursuing my academic path, I became drawn towards neuroscience and psychedelic research as I completed my master’s thesis at the department of Basic Neuroscience. I became deeply interested in the therapeutic potential of psychedelics as well as the endogenous processes underlying non-drug induced altered states of consciousness. When I heard about MIND Foundation, I applied for an internship with the intent to contribute to psychedelic research and education.

How did the internship benefit you? What insights did you gain?: My internship at MIND was a remarkably valuable experience, both on a personal and professional level.
Personally, it was very enriching to be immersed in a team of like-minded individuals who share the same common goal as it made me feel part of something greater.
On a professional standpoint, I found it undoubtedly fruitful to interact and get feedback from experts in the field, which also allowed me to enlarge my professional network related to the area of psychedelic research. Moreover, participating in the creation of the Molecules program enabled me to put my academic skills into practice and dive into the process of developing educational scientific content. Since reviewing literature was one of my primary tasks, it gave me the opportunity to exert my critical thinking skills by selecting relevant and reliable information. Besides that, I most enjoyed the part of my work that was dedicated to scriptwriting and presentation making. A primary goal I had in mind while working on these creative tasks was to refrain from creating educational content that merely presents scientific facts in a tedious and laborious manner. I endeavored to engage the audience and maintain their attention throughout the course by weaving thought-provoking, compelling ideas and scientific facts into an elegant story. I am grateful to the MIND Foundation for helping me carry out these accomplishments and for their high-principled mentoring that will certainly prove useful in my future career.

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