Academic background: Lecturer for several years, in courses and seminars, at Tel-Aviv University on “Cyberculture” and on “Automatic translations” and in Shenkar School of Design on “The impact of the Internet” and on  “Virtual Reality for story-telling”.

Target language: Hebrew

Short bio: A writer of code, fiction, non-fiction. Social activist, living in Tel-Aviv. Author of books, articles, plays and art/technology websites. Journalist and editor of Zombit magazine, Haaretz and Globes internet supplements and “Hakaleidoscope – the Israeli Psychedelic Journal

Why do you support the BTG? I am passionate about “Linguistic Justice” and about “Freedom of being”. So I try to channel my doing, in order to serve these ideas. Volunteering to translate texts that are dealing with my hobbies and work – seems just natural. This also contributes to my being up to date with psychedelic research and impact on several communities, from which I’m coming and to which I’m going.

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