Dirk Revenstorf studied psychology in Hamburg with HofstätterTausch and Bondy, received his doctorate with Cohen in Konstanz and habilitated in Munich. He is Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Tübingen and held a professorship at the Universidad de las Americas in Puebla (Mexico) from 1995-1997. During the years 1984-1996 he was president of the Milton Erickson Society for Clinical Hypnosis. He holds a doctorate in psychology and has various therapy training courses: Behavioral therapy (Brengelmann, Munich), Gestalt therapy (Polster, San Diego, USA), hypnotherapy (ZeigLanktonCarter, Gilligan, USA), body therapy (Pierrakos, USA). He is a licensed psychotherapist and member of the Psychotherapeutenkammer (Baden-Württemberg and Bundespsychotherapeutenkammer from 2003-2005). Accredited as supervisor for hypnosis and behavioral therapy by the Psychotherapeutenkammer. 

His fields of work are: Personality theory, research methodology, therapy research, behavior therapy, hypnosis, couple therapy, psychotherapy training. He has published 16 books and more than 180 journal articles and book chapters on research methodology, personality, psychotherapy, hypnosis and couple therapy. Received the Pierre Janet Award of Clinical Excellence (Intern. Soc. Hypnosis) and the Milton Erickson Prize. 

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