Rubina Steller is working at the MIND Academy, creating content for the Drug Science Program and further designing and producing video clips for Elements of Science.  

Rubina completed her Master’s degree in psychology, specializing in neuroscience and clinical psychology at the University of Cologne (2020) and obtained her B.Sc. in Mainz as well as New Zealand (2017). With a passion for an open-minded observation, exploration, and change in the way we think, behave and feel, she most recently worked in an addiction clinic. Currently, she is doing her apprenticeship to become a psychological psychotherapist. 

She understands the investigation of psychedelics as a challenge with high social relevance, requiring not only intensive scientific study but also awareness and education. Engaging in science communication, she aims to free research from its ivory tower and thus enable a responsible, enlightened attitude towards psychedelics.  

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