Susana has always been swinging between the so-called Humanities and the natural sciences, guided by the aspiration to unriddle the human mind, and human behaviour on the one hand, and the realization that such understanding cannot come from the purely theoretical stance of the “armchair philosopher”.

With this convinction, she moved to Berlin to study Mind and Brain Sciences after having finished her B.A. in Philosophy in Madrid and having lived and worked in the UK, Italy, and Germany. Particularly interested in the nature and investigation of phenomenal consciousness, it was merely a matter of time that she would encounter the MIND Foundation and apply for an internship, which then took place essentially online due to the sudden onset of the global pandemic.

Happily ever after, Susana stayed in MIND in the role of advisor for the Philosophy Section of the MIND Members Association, where a group of philosophers and social scientists are aiming at developing and refining the conceptual framework for the blooming field of Psychedelic Philosophy – remaining aware, however, that this enterprise can only bear fruit when sown in the transdisciplinary soil, and watered from a standing, restless position.

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