University: University of Turin

Field of Study: Psychology

Academic title: Master of Science

Internship period: March – July 2021

Main tasks during your internship: During my internship I mainly read and wrote for  MIND Academy about philosophy and cultural studies, focusing on psychedelics. I’ve also contributed to the writing of a webpage informing about psychedelic psychotherapy and to the organization of INSIGHT through the filling of a database with Italian and French clinics and Italian and Swiss university professors.

Motivation Statement: Since my first year as a psychology student I was interested in psychedelic sciences and especially in psychedelic psychotherapy. As a promoter of cultural events on these topics in Italy, I was also interested in seeing how an organization like MIND works interacting with institutions and society.

How did the internship benefit you? What insights did you gain?: This Internship gave me the possibility of becoming almost an expert in themes that really interested me like the philosophy and cultural aspects of psychedelics. I also learned  MIND’s peculiar attitude towards psychedelics and was able to observe how such an organization can function and grow. Overall, I met some astonishingly clever, open-minded, and inspiring colleagues and friends, with whom I had insightful conversations and touching experiences.

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