The MIND Staff

The election period of the current MIND Foundation Board lasts until October 15th 2019. The tasks within MIND are structured via Committees (working groups). And these create and manage projects. The committees are coordinated by two to three persons – some paid, most of them volunteers. Some projects are realized across different committees, but always have a primary association. Committees are composed of volunteering and employed members and guests.
Currently, our team consists of medical doctors, psychologists, psychotherapists, social education workers, scientists from different disciplines like biology or pharmacology, students and entrepreneurs.

The MIND Foundation Board

Dr. Henrik Jungaberle

Founder and Executive Director, MIND Board
DETAILS | Contact Andrea Jungaberle

Founder, MIND Board, coordination Ethics Committee, coordination Prevention, Education and Harm Reduction Commitee, lead Integration Program
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Sascha Krüger

MIND Board, Finances, coordination Fundraising Committee,
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Cyril Costines

MIND Board, Co-Founder, Head of MIND Academy
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Tobias Wenge

MIND Board, Coordination Therapy Committee
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Marvin Däumichen

Co-founder, coordination Science Committee, lead ASC-Monitor
DETAILS | Contact Karl-Josef Theine

Co-founder, coordination Therapy Committee
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Guido Laubender

Co-founder, coordination Technical Committee
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Maximilian von Heyden

Founder, coordination Technical Committee
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Dr. Regina Hess

Lead of MIND Amsterdam Office
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Victoria Götz

Coordination Members Committee
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Dr. Eugenia Kulakova

Coordination INSIGHT Conference, Science Committee
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Co-Founders and Alumni

Kenan Sulayman

Co-founder, strategical consultation
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Torsten Rüter

Co-founder, strategic consultant
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Most portraits of the MIND team were provided by the kind donations of photographers Jennifer Bulla and Patrick Huth: Henrik Jungaberle, Maximilian von Heyden, Andrea Zeuch, Marvin Däumichen, Cyril Costines, Jule Nott, Vera Sloof, Torsten Rüter, Nadja Schollenberger, Guido Laubender. Go there and buy something they deserved it!
bullahuth Fotografie und Gestaltung, Jennifer Bulla und Patrick Huth, Weserstraße 47, 10247 Berlin, +49 15146528662, mail@bullahuth.de

Details of staff members will be added continuously and linked to the respective subpage.