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established on Nov 26th 2016


of Human Experience

Mapping the material correlates of subjective experience

The MIND Foundation Team

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Prevention, education, harm reduction

in recreational contexts

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for cultural contexts

like Ayahuasca Ceremonies

and festivals

75 years of LSD

it's time to define safe & legal spaces

for the psychedelic experience

The MIND Foundation

is a European non-profit organization for researchers, professionals, and their supporters. We promote psychedelic science to build a healthier, more connected world through evidence-based, safe, and legal applications of the psychedelic experience.

Upcoming Events


Safe and legal contexts for the psychedelic experience. Enhancing the potentials for patients & healthy humans.


Supporting and conducting psychedelic studies – across medicine and psychology, philosophy and neuroscience, natural and social sciences.


Improving mindfulness, therapies and harm reduction concerning altered states of consciousness.

Scientific Adivsory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board of MIND is a panel of independent experts. It consists of academic researchers and thinkers dealing with the human brain and consciousness, transformation of society, and psychiatric disorders; as well as the sociocultural history of the psychedelic experience. 


Click on the pictures below for a description of current projects. And HERE for an overview of our projects and programme.

What members do


We organize in committees with volunteers and a few employed colleagues. 
Many of us are experts in one or more fields of practice or research closely related to psychedelic science: We publish. We write grant applications.
We train psychotherapists, prevention workforce, and researchers. Bridging the gap between the ivory tower and social practice is our goal.
Transdisciplinarity is our unique feature. 
In speaking to the press and TV we try to change wrong and misinformed images of the psychedelic experience. 
Our current challenge is fundraising.

  • Science committee

    Discuss, write grants and papers, find supervisors or study participants. Network.

  • Therapy & Development committee

    Develop new approaches for depression, trauma, alcoholism and other hard to treat diagnoses. Build ASC trainings and meet colleagues for case reflexion.

  • Prevention and Harm Reduction Committee

    Develop, practice and evaluate the Integration Circle Series, train and practice harm reduction at festivals and other contexts.

  • Internal committees

    Public Relations, CI, Technical, Ethics, Members or Fundraising Committee. Get websites, facebook, twitter and YouTube going. Work with volunteers, interns and employed staff.

I think, that the time is ripe for a new handling of altered states of consciousness and psychoactive substances: based on research and common sense – not on taboos, anxiety and horror stories.

I support Psychedelic Science because it will contribute to better understanding the psychedelic experience, and for utilizing its potential sustainably for individuals and society.

I support MIND, because it is time to question boundaries that block a new handling of maladies. Adequate and cutting-edge research is needed with approved scientific methods.

This research helps to relieve suffering, facilitates the development of new therapies, and allows for precious explorations into the fabric of life.

I Support MIND, because societal change can only develop by contextualization, examination, and scrutinizing of social norms.

I support MIND, because researchers and therapists should be able to explore new forms of therapy – without being stigmatized.