About Beyond Experience

Find out all the details about the course:

  • Beyond Experience is a 5-day psychedelic integration intensive, facilitated as an experiential training and in-depth group process.
  • The course is providing a comprehensive skill set for working with the whole spectrum of psychedelic experiences, both personally and when supporting others.
  • The course’s main goal is to engage in a deep integration process, helping you remember, express, and consciously connect with your psychedelic experiences to create meaningful change.
  • Theory & Practice meet: we thoughtfully developed the sequence of techniques to support you as a whole person. The program is based on scientific research and relevant concepts for psychedelic integration, which are also taught in the course.
  • Beyond Experience is an essential part of the curriculum of our 3-year program in Augmented Psychotherapy (APT)

Who is Beyond Experience for?

You would benefit from the course if:

  • You want to engage in an in-depth process of integrating your psychedelic experiences
  • You want to learn an extensive range of integration methods, including intensive trance journeys, automatic writing, biography & values, creative expression, bodywork, and many more
  • You enjoy learning in a structured and practical way
  • You are interested in both substance (e.g., ayahuasca, psilocybin mushrooms, LSD, etc.) and non-substance induced psychedelic experiences (e.g., breathwork, trance dance, etc.)
  • You want to benefit from a group process and connect with likeminded people
  • You want to prepare for and connect to your psychedelic experiences in beneficial ways, utilizing them for personal growth
  • You would like to learn more about and be a part of a culture of psychedelic integration

Why integrate?

Psychedelic experiences encompass a fascinatingly wide range of human experiencing. They can have aesthetic qualities, enlarge personal conflicts, point towards unforeseen possibilities, bring back childhood memories, let trauma resurface, or reveal spiritual dimensions. Such experiences can have a positive, easy to accept character (e.g., the experience of being connected to the surrounding nature) or represent a challenge through their strangeness and emotional intensity. But why do we search for experiences like that in the first place?

If we want to utilize them for personal and societal development, psychedelic integration is a crucial part of that process. It is about being able to deal with changing states of consciousness and letting them influence our lives beneficially. More than merely as “psychedelic aftercare,” we view integration as a value-based attitude, in which we engage with psychedelic experiences to create meaningful change.

What awaits you?

In BEYOND EXPERIENCE, you will participate in a guided group process, aiming to facilitate personal explorations through a diverse set of methods, knowledge transfer, and an opportunity to connect with like-minded people. You will be instructed to work on your own values and understand biographical patterns, which will support you in improving your individual handling of psychedelic experiences.

The practical techniques used in this course range from variations of automatic writing, intensive music trances, working with self-aspects, hypnotherapeutic trance journeys to mindfulness meditation practices, creative expression and bodywork. You will also participate in theoretical sessions on substance-related topics, set and setting, trip-sitting & drug emergencies, and basic concepts for understanding psychedelic integration. This theoretico-practical approach leads to a stable and beneficial self-awareness process and does equip you with a rich toolbox for working with psychedelic experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you wish to have answers to questions like these below, please take a look at our F.A.Q.

  • What is the MIND Integration Process?
  • Can the workshops replace psychotherapy?
  • Are we using psychoactive substances?

This workshop does not replace therapy. If you are seeking professional help, please contact your physician or a trained therapist.  

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