BEYOND EXPERIENCE is a self-exploration and empowerment course for everyone experienced with or interested in psychedelic experiences.

In this course you’ll acquire skills and knowledge about the process of using altered states of consciousness (ASC) in order to change your life. The questions we ask and the methodology we use are designed to establish a self-responsibility-based attitude towards such states. 

Non-pharmacological methods, like immersive breathing, some forms of mindfulness meditation and music trance to actively change ego-states, are trained and experienced during the workshop. The states achieved resemble the psychedelic experience and support people in remembering and exploring their motives, feelings and attitudes towards themselves, as well as their existential narratives. Last but not least, an understanding of why and how individuals seek altered states of consciousness is explored. 

BEYOND EXPERIENCE is about creating something relevant out of fragile and ephemeral experiences, and in turn applying these experiences towards solutions for one’s real-life problems.  

Acquiring integration skills

In this course we teach a comprehensive set of methods that help to deal with changing states of consciousness. A successful handling of such states can be called “integration”. 

Integration is the process of learning from extraordinary experiences. These experiences can have a positive, easy to accept character (e.g. the experience of being connected to the surrounding nature) or represent a challenge through their strangeness and emotional intensity (e.g. in trauma). 

However, we also understand integration to be the value-based attitude with which we approach these experiences – be they spontaneous, triggered by psychedelic substances or through non-pharmacological methods, such as breathwork.

What awaits you?

In BEYOND EXPERIENCE, participants will be instructed to work on their own values, which can positively change the personal handling of “psychedelic experiences”. One of the goals is achieving “wholeness”, i.e. bringing different parts of the self into a well-functioning relationship with each other.

The practical techniques used in this course range from variations of automatic writing, intensive music trances, working with self-aspects, hypnotherapeutic trance journeys to mindfulness meditation practices and body work. 

You will also take part in theoretical sessions on substance-related topics, set and setting, trip-sitting, and basic concepts for understanding “integration”.

This theoretico-practical approach leads to a stable and beneficial self-awareness process.

A scientifically-validated program

BEYOND EXPERIENCE is based on the theories and methods of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)ACT serves as a scientifically-founded frame of reference in dealing with psychedelic experiences. The term “psychedelic” can be translated as “manifesting the mind”. Psychedelic experiences can provide us with insights about ourselves and our way of being in the world. 

After our integration team conducted five pilot groups in 2018 and 2019, we now offer the integration program BEYOND EXPERIENCE in its final format. We have carefully created a multi-day group process through experimentation and feedback, which serves to enable a deeper understanding of one’s own psychedelic processes as well as provide the groundwork for possible future experiences with non-normative states of consciousness. 

We do not only work with knowledge transfer, but actively practice the change between different states of consciousness (especially the change between ego-states) and their interpretations. We aim to provide each participant with an individual set of methods that will make it easier for them to follow a personal path of development and increase their own well-being. 


Each participant needs to fill out a medical form, so that possible contraindications regarding the intensive context of self-awareness can be checked in advance. This includes psychological conditions, such as psychotic episodes or severe PTSD, or physical complications such as epilepsy or heart disease. If you have any questions about your suitability for participation, please write us and we will get back to you to suggest alternative activities or therapists, if necessary. 

Registration fees
The registration fee includes participation in one of the MIND Integration Process groups on the specified days, print material, most of the artistic material used in the workshop, drinks (juice and water) and snacks during the workshop. Meals and coffee are not included.

Participants can only attend the sessions of the BEYOND EXPERIENCE workshop that they are registered to. If official travel restrictions (e.g. for coronavirus-related high-risk areas) or other official directives prevent your participation unexpectedly, you will be able to participate in a workshop at a later date.


Participation fee: between 500€ and 750€ – for 5 days. There is an Early Bird phase as well as reduced tickets.

We look forward to your participation! 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you wish to have answers to questions like these below, please take a look at our F.A.Q.

  • What is the MIND Integration Process?
  • Can the workshops replace psychotherapy?
  • Are we using psychoactive substances?

This workshop does not replace therapy. If you are seeking professional help, please contact your physician or a trained therapist.  

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