Spreading Knowledge

uniMIND provides a platform for university students and senior academics to network and exchange thoughts, insights, and critique with regard to publications from a number of fields related to altered states of consciousness and psychedelic research. In this process, aspiring academics join a network of peer-supported journal clubs in which they may hone their scientific skills and trandisciplinary thinking, as well as finding inspiration as the next generation of researchers and practitioners in the larger field of psychedelic research and related studies.

Code of Conduct

uniMIND sets up academic discussion groups composed of students and senior academics from a wide range of levels and backgrounds. These groups then meet with the shared goal of engaging in critical discourse on altered states of consciousness and psychedelics. Discussions revolve around applications in basic and clinical research, the mind and brain sciences, philosophy, as well the humanities and social sciences. Knowledge gained in uniMIND can be the starting point for writing a bachelors, masters, or doctoral thesis, for vivid collaborative communities, and project applications.

uniMIND groups meet regularly at a convenient location, usually at their respective university. Each week’s speaker presents a publication/topic/project per meeting using slides, handouts, or an oral presentation. Topics may cover any discipline related to psychedelic research from psychotherapy and neuroscience to the humanities and social sciences. The topic will be shared prior to the meeting to allow the rest of the group to prepare.

Apart from research article discussions, lectures, projects or other psychedelic research-related topics can be discussed. And maybe sometimes there should be a piece of cake too.

Participate or host!

With a number of uniMIND groups already in place, there may be one at your own location! Check out the list below for details as well as their contact information. A MIND Foundation membership is not required for attendance. Feel free to reach out to the coordiantors if you would like to participate in their groups. 

If you want to start a uniMIND group yourself, please fill out the contact survey below and we will help you get started. All group coordinators are required to have an active MIND membership.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Active uniMIND groups

patrick Wentorp

uniMIND Berlin

Group Coordinator: Patrick Wentorp
Discipline: Philosophy Neuroscience & Cognition
Contact: [email protected]

Daniela Goncalves Monteiro

uniMIND Brisbane

Group Coordinators: Daniela Goncalves Monteiro; Riccardo Miceli McMillan
Disciplines: Biomedical Sciences; Medicine & Bioethics
Contact: [email protected]

Felix Hever

uniMIND Brussels

Group Coordinator: Felix Hever
Discipline: Psychiatry & Medicine
Contact: [email protected]

uniMIND europe copy

uniMIND Europe online

Group Coordinators: David, Teresa, Shloke, Ju, Toby
Contact address: [email protected]

radwan Sabi

uniMIND Freiburg

Group Coordinator: Radwan Sabri
Discipline: Forest Sciences & Hydrology
Contact: [email protected]

Annemarie Rastig

uniMIND Göttingen

Group Coordinator: Annemarie Rastig
Discipline: Psychology
Contact: [email protected]

Moad el HAY

uniMIND Heidelberg

Group Coordinators: Moad Abd el Hay; Mona Dries
Disciplines: Neurobiology; Medicine
Contact: [email protected]; [email protected]

Philine Kandzia

uniMIND Kiel

Group Coordinator: Philine Kandzia
Discipline: Pharmacy
Contact: [email protected]

Amadeus Schulze

uniMIND Leipzig

Group Coordinator: Amadeus Schulze
Discipline: Medicine
Contact: [email protected]

Raphael Brunschvig

uniMIND Lyon

Group Coordinator: Raphael Brunschvig
Discipline: Economics, Business Psychology
Contact: [email protected]

jonas neubert

uniMIND Maastricht

Group Coordinator: Jonas Neubert
Discipline: Liberal Arts & Sciences
Contact: [email protected]

Caroline Franzke

uniMIND Magdeburg

Group Coordinator: Caroline Franzke
Discipline: Neurobiology
Contact: [email protected]

Marc Rosenkranz

uniMIND Oldenburg

Group Coordinator: Marc Rosenkranz
Discipline: Neurocognitive Psychology
Contact: [email protected]

Laura anne Shrage

uniMIND Osnabrück

Group Coordinator: Laura Anne Schrage
Discipline: Cognitive Science, Philosophy
Contact: [email protected]

karen almagor

uniMIND Tel Aviv

Group Coordinator: Karen Almagor
Discipline: Clinical Psychology
Contact: [email protected]


uniMIND Trier

Group Coordinator: Marcel Braun
Discipline: Psychology
Contact: [email protected]

christoph Benner

uniMIND Zurich

Group Coordinator: Christoph Benner
Discipline: Molecular Biology, Clinical Neuroscience
Contact: [email protected]

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