Anna Ciaunica, PhD

Philosopher and Cognitive Scientist

Anna Ciaunica, PhD, is a philosopher and cognitive scientist interested in interdisciplinary approaches to embodied cognition. She focuses on the relationship between (a)typical forms of self-consciousness, embodiment and social interactions in human and artificial agents. 

Anna is currently a Research Associate at the Institute of Philosophy in Porto – the Mind, Language and Action group (MLAG); and a Research Associate at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, University College London – the Social Neuroscience Group 

She is also the Principal Investigator of two interdisciplinary projects. (1) The first looks at the relationship between altered sense of self and social alienation in Depersonalisation. (2) The second examines self-consciousness and social interactions in human and artificial agents. In her work, she combines conceptual resources from philosophy of mind and the phenomenological tradition with experimental methods from psychology and cognitive neuroscience.  

Anna further co-coordinates the international and interdisciplinary Network for Embodied Consciousness and the Arts (NECTArs) aiming at fostering creative collaborations between philosophers, scientists, artists and performers worldwide. 


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