Join us in Berlin on Friday, 4th September, 2020 directly before the Members Convention. In this symposium, we want to provide the space for an open discussion about how we can foster and support the establishment of a culture of consciousness, or Bewusstseinskultur.

Philosophical and ethical debates are important and therefore, we invite four panelists (Dr. phil. Anna Ciaunica, Prof. Dr. Gerhard Gründer, Prof. Dr. Nicolas Langlitz and Dr. sc. hum. Henrik Jungaberle) who will give us their perspectives on the successes and challenges in integrating non-ordinary states of consciousness in our  societies.

As an ideal outcome of the Symposium, we would all come out with a deeper understanding of how to work together towards construing a society that gives more value to personal, conscious experiences and takes beneficial states of consciousness as a basis for its development as a whole.

However, this can only be done if you join us on September 4th, 2020 and contribute with your perspective, your critiques and ideas. The Symposium will be an interactive event and the outcome will depend on your personal input, too!

Besides fruitful discussions and interesting talks, we will also eat and drink together – just like the traditional Greek Symposium was supposed to be.

We are looking forward to meeting you there!




Block I: Status and Developments

2.30pm – 3pm: Welcoming and Introduction:
Defining what Bewusstseinskultur means
3.00pm – 3.20pm: Prof. Dr. Nicolas Langlitz: The Paradoxes of Psychedelic Humanities
3.20pm – 4pm: Discussion with the audience
4.00pm – 4.15pm: Break
4.15pm – 4:35pm: Dr. sc. hum. Henrik Jungaberle: Bewusstseinskultur and the emerging phenomenon of secular spiritualities
4:35 – 5:15: Discussionwith the audience
5:15 – 5.30pm: Break
5.30pm – 5:50pm: Prof. Dr. Gerhard Gründer: Do we need consciousness?
The mind/body-problem in psychiatry
5:50pm – 6:30pm: Discussion with the audience
6.30pm – 7.15pm: Philosophical Feast (with wine, olives, bread and cheese)

Block II: Aesthetics and Bewusstseinskultur

7.15pm – 7.45pm: Arts Performance by the O.A.T.S. Collective
7.45pm – 8.15pm: Panel Discussion with Corinna Kühnapfel, Phd candidate: Why is art important for a Bewusstseinskultur? 
8.15pm – 8.30pm: Break

Block III: Integration

8.30pm – 8:50pm: Dr. phil. Anna Ciaunica: Lost and found – Transforming the self in depersonalization and meditation: implications for Bewusstseinskultur
8:50pm – 9.30pm: Discussion with the audience
9.30pm – 9.45pm: Break – Mindfulness practice
9.45pm – 10.15pm: Final Discussion on “Integrity and Integration”
10.15pm – 10.30pm: Closing
10.30pm – open end: Socializing and Networking



Tickets and Registration


There will be only 40 tickets for attendance in person and unlimited online tickets for sale.

From the 40 tickets for attendance in person:

  • 20 will be sold via the “save your seat” registration (find the tickets at the bottom of the page). In total, there are 15 standard tickets and 5 tickets for students.
  • 10 tickets were raffled on July 31st.
  • The remaining 10 tickets are given to people who just became new members. First come, first serve! To become a member, please subscribe here and send an email with your member confirmation to: [email protected] to receive the ticket.
Save your seat!


The location of the Progess in Bewusstseinskultur Symposium will be the new MIND Foundation office:

Boxhagener Str. 82A, 10245 Berlin (Friedrichshain)

Questions or Comments?
Reach out to us at [email protected]