Academic background:  At Gothenburg University I completed a bachelor’s degree in sociology with a minor in psychology, and then a Master’s degree in Sociology. In my master thesis I focused on social movement theory and examined the growing online grassroots movement arguing for a changed drug policy in Sweden. GUPEA: High time for change: counter-discourse and grassroot mobilization in Swedish Facebook groups for drug decriminalization

Target language: Swedish

Short bio: Driven by the urge to understand both other’s and my own mind I started my academic journey in the field of psychology. After a detour to deal with my own mental health issues I turned to studies of sociology to gain a better understanding of how societal and psychological mechanisms together create the stressful life situations all too many find themselves in today. As of three years I am employed as a social worker at a housing facility for homeless people who suffer from several psychiatric conditions coupled with an ongoing substance abuse. In my day to day work I meet people with a long history of trauma, stigmatization and marginalization. I have found that problematic drug users are a group who are both greatly misunderstood, and in dire need of new and better treatments aimed at the root of their issues. In the future I hope to contribute to research that helps make such new treatments possible.

Why do you support the BTG? I am so excited to see the growth of research into how psychedelics can offer new ways to recover from debilitating mental health conditions. My belief is that these insights will revolutionize how we as a society understand mental health, and I am very happy to help such research reach a wider audience!

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