Marvin Däumichen is a founder of the MIND Foundation and the Director of Research and Programs in the MIND Executive Board. In the initial phase of MIND, he coordinated the Science Committee and is now overseeing MIND’s research cooperations and science communications, as well as the MIND programs with a special focus on uniMIND and the MIND Blog.

In 2018, he graduated from the Humboldt University of Berlin with a Master of Arts in American Studies in succession to a B.Ed. in Linguistics and Education. At present, he is in the final months of a PhD project in sociology and prevention research. Marvin’s research focus lies on the socialization in the context of digital media and psychoactive substances, on which he lectures at the University of Applied Sciences, Merseburg. Marvin has professional experience in German-English translation work, and as a third black belt in Karate more than a fifteen years of teaching experience.

With the MIND Foundation’s work, he hopes to build a future in which psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy brings the best treatment regimens to patients, and in which an informed public has the knowledge and competences required to choose the means most beneficial in personal and in societal development.

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