Academic background: BA European Law, LL.M International Human Rights Law

Target languages: Romanian & French

Short bio: I am a qualified lawyer specialised in human rights with academic and professional experience in national and international courts in Europe and Asia. I worked at grassroots level in challenging humanitarian contexts and I am interested in issues relating to equality, gender rights, health, minorities, etc. Currently, I work with ClientEarth for the protection of forests and community forestry rights in Central Africa.

Why do you support the BTG? By cutting ties with Mother Nature, our alienating society has deprived us of the remedies that exist all around us. Luckily, the current psychedelic renaissance is helping return to more natural ways of healing and fostering a more mindful, caring and connected world. It also opens our eyes to knowledge and traditions held by indigenous populations for millennia, essential to preserve and protect. For this, scientific research is essential and the work of the MIND Foundation is crucial as it disseminates accurate knowledge in an accessible way. I am deeply humbled and grateful to help a tiny bit in this transmission.

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