Name: Theresa Suchsland

Email: [email protected]

University: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam; Psychologische Hochschule Berlin

Field of Study: Psychology

Academic title: Master’s Degree

Internship period: February – May 2022

Main tasks during your internship: My main tasks revolved around UniMIND processes and the UniMIND symposium in Maastricht, translation of APT materials and on-site support during APT training weeks, as well as work on the BTG, which consisted mostly of reviewing and proofreading German translations of blogposts related to clinical psychology.

Motivation Statement:As a future psychotherapist, I am fascinated by the therapeutic potential and healing properties of psychedelic substances, as well as altered states of consciousness induced without substances. While it is important to stress not to be overly positive and neglect downsides or potential risks, I strongly believe that psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy can be beneficial to many patients, especially those that do not seem to benefit from mainstream psychotherapeutic or psychiatric methods.
This is why I think that organizations like MIND, that are creating a more educated view on this field in the public and supporting research that is strongly needed, are very important players in the progression and implementation of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. For this reason, and simply out of interest for the subject itself, I decided I wanted to be a part of MIND.

How did the internship benefit you? What insights did you gain?: I really enjoyed my internship at MIND. Not only was I able to make great connections to the team and met many interesting people, it was also an opportunity for me to improve certain skills like time-management, communication and self-organization, which I am sure are going to help me for future positions. I was able to deepen my knowledge about topics in the psychedelic field that I was already familiar with, but also gained insights into a variety of its aspects that I have not gotten in touch with before, such as holotropic breathwork – I truly think that I can benefit from these insights professionally, but also on a personal level. Now I am even more enthusiastic about the psychedelic field than I have been already before working with MIND.


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