The MIND Academy

Here we are building the MIND Academy program. It consists of science and research oriented training and presentations, conferences, meetups for professionals, existing and future members, evidence-based experiential workshops and more. It focusses on medical doctors, psychotherapists, pharmacists – but there is something for everybody in the program who wants to cultivate altered states of consciousness.

Join us for profound explorations into the human mind. Together with you we investigate its cultural and biological foundations, take a first and third person perspective on consciousness, discuss and practice mindfulness. Enhance your competencies as a human being, therapist, medical doctor or pharmacist.

We invite you to register for the MIND Integration program and become part of the pilot series in which you may co-create the final workshops with us. “Beyond experience” supports people in transforming psychedelic experience into real change.

If you have questions concerning the MIND Academy, please contact