About the MIND Academy

The MIND Academy is our educational platform. We build and provide high-quality training for professionals, education for the general public, self-development for individuals from any circuit of life, and we organize scientific conferences. Some of this content is for free, some formats are exchanged for money, all are built with care, compassion, and added value. The MIND Foundation is a European non-profit registered under German law (HRB 220247 B). Revenue from the  MIND Academy cannot be extracted by individuals. It is fully used to support the organization’s public benefit purposes and reduce our dependence on donations for core activities – providing us and you with the opportunity to use donations for research and social projects.

 ACADEMY_hero_professional-training  ACADEMY_hero_professional-training

Professional Trainings

MIND Academy’s professional trainings build knowledge, skills, and competence.
Our evidence-based trainings are designed and facilitated by experts and aimed at expanding your professional repertoire.


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 ACADEMY_hero_personal-development  ACADEMY_hero_personal-development

Personal Development

Our self-experiential workshops were created to help you realize your highest potential by connecting to a deeper understanding of yourself and your surroundings.

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From curious beginners to dedicated experts, the MIND Academy offers content for everyone.
The academy hosts speakers and covers topics from a wide range of disciplines, including medicine, psychotherapy, neuroscience, philosophy and more.

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Our conferences serve as platforms for education, open debate, and community building.
Experts share their knowledge and expertise on cutting-edge research, philosophy, and more.

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MIND Academy Diversity Program



The MIND Academy Diversity Program has been designed to make our Academy programs more accessible, regardless of socioeconomic status. This initiative provides a chance to participate for people with a sincere interest in our work who otherwise would not have the chance to do so.

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MIND Academy Events