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In recognition of excellence

The recipient of the MIND Foundation Award is determined and awarded biennially by the MIND Scientific Advisory Board. This committee of renowned scientists from across the globe chooses an individual that has contributed significantly and sustainably to the advancement of psychedelic research and therapies.

Whether it is a career-long sequence of brilliant, impactful theoretical publications, or breakthrough empirical discoveries in basic or clinical research, the MIND Foundation Award should distinguish and bring recognition to the most relevant of researchers in the field.


The Willy Schweitzer Award for Young Researchers gives recognition to the most promising of young academics in the research field. It is a token of our support for emerging voices in this dynamic field, and alongside the MIND Foundation Award one of our two main awards.

The recipient is selected by a Sections Committee of the MIND Members Association’s Professional Sections. Requirements for qualification are that the recipient has received his or her PhD no more than 5 years ago, and has contributed an outstanding publication of any academic discipline that is rated on the basis of three selection criteria:

  • innovation
  • impact
  • scientific methodology

The candidates for the Willy Schweitzer Award 2021 are:

Dr. Chris Letheby, Dr. Gabrielle Agin-Liebes, PhD cand. Lea Mertens, PhD cand. Lindsay Cameron, Dr. Malin Uthaug, Dr. Romy Lorenz, Dr. Torben Ott

The following five awards can be considered conference awards in a wider sense.

That is why we called the first one INSIGHT Best Basic Research Presentation award.

The recipient of this one and the following two awards is selected during our bi-annual INSIGHT conference by the conference speakers themselves.

All conference awards are handed out during a special award ceremony at INSIGHT, after most of presentations have taken place.

The INSIGHT Best Research Poster award follows a similar protocol as the previous award and gives recognition to the scientist that contributed the most outstanding research poster, rated on the basis of scientific relevance, methodological quality, and presentation.

With INSIGHT being a research and therapy conference, and psychedelic experience slowly making its way back into clinical practice, the INSIGHT Best Clinical Presentation award highlights not only masterfully presented clinical findings, but also recognizes innovative and promising treatment applications that are poised to revolutionize the current mental health paradigm.

Like the INSIGHT Best Basic Research Presentation Award and the INSIGHT Best Poster Award, the recipient of our INSIGHT Best Clinical Presentation Award is determined by the conference speakers themselves.

This INSIGHT Audience Award follows a different protocol in its selection during our INSIGHT conference and calls for audience participation to identify its recipient.

Based on the conference presentations, the audience gets a chance to cast their vote for their favorite contribution, based on their individual criteria. This may sound a bit non-standardized, but we trust our medical, scientific, and in the remaining parts at least science-interested audience at INSIGHT to make a wise choice.

The technical realization of this vote is carried out through a dedicated voting-form online that is accessed via QR code in the conference booklet and on our MIND Community Platform‘s INSIGHT group.

Lastly, the INSIGHT Art Award goes to the best artistic contribution of the conference. It is selected by EDGE and the Art Section of the MIND Members Association, and is the only award that does not directly rest on scientific contributions.

Various artistic formats are considered, including musical, visual, or performative works.