Academic background:  M.D. + B.A. in sociology

Target language: French

Short bio: I studied medicine and then oriented my career as a medical writer, editor, and translator. I am very interested in altered states of consciousness and their impacts on wellbeing (from meditation, breath-work, and yoga, to psychedelics, exercise, and birth-giving, the subject is endless). I believe research is key in broadening access to psychedelic substances in healthcare. I know that these substances hold real potential -particularly for people who fear death or who have been traumatized.

Why do you support the BTG? Working with MIND is interesting and relevant as I deepen my knowledge about psychedelic medicine and help a field of health, I truly believe in. I wanted to help an organization that supports evidence-based medicine in this still poorly understood yet fascinating subject. I love to be a part, even if small, of the emergence of psychedelic medicine and of a better understanding of the mystery of consciousness.

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