Jana is a psychologist, with a Bachelor of Science in clinical psychology and a Master of Arts in psychoanalytic psychology. In 2019, she started on her path toward becoming a therapist. She is educated in body therapy and currently training in clinical psychotherapy, specializing in an integrative approach combining depth psychology and third wave cognitive-behavioral therapy. She works in the treatment of substance related and addictive disorders.

Jana has recently joined the team of MIND where she is co-facilitating the BEYOND EXPERIENCE workshops. She has learned from and worked with integration counsellors and psychedelic therapists since 2017. Her frames of references are humanistic, systemic- and transpersonal psychology, acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), embodiment theory, and mindfulness-based approaches.

In the last couple of years, Jana has developed an interest in learning more about the traditional Amazonian cultures and their use of healing modalities that rely on a complex classification system of endogenous plants, working closely with an indigenous tribe from Brazil and organizing events for cultural exchange. It is Jana’s belief that we can benefit from the integration work around psychedelic experiences even more if we look at it in a broad interdisciplinary and cross-cultural context. She is greatly looking forward to future developments in this field.

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