University: University of Eastern Finland

Field of Study: Molecular Medicine

Academic title: Master of Science

Internship period: February-July

Main tasks during your internship: During my internship in MIND, I was mainly responsible for the coordination of the Blog Translation group, as well as I had a part of content creation for the Molecules program, and prepared educational videos for Elements of Science. From time to time I helped with little tasks for uniMIND, and video/interview editing.

Motivation Statement: I strongly believe in the potential of psychedelics for inevitable mental diseases and their therapeutic hope for the future. That is the main reason, I wanted to be part of this  team and also improve my knowledge in this area.

How did the internship benefit you? What insights did you gain?: I had the possibility to experience the meeting point of social sciences and neuroscience, and I have gained a lot of knowledge about psychedelic research, mainly from the projects I worked on, but also from all the incredible people coming from different backgrounds. The experience I gained from MIND opened up a new perception for me and broadened my knowledge beyond the methodology in science, and I would like to have this perspective reflecting my further researcher career.

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