Academic background:  MD, Psychiatry Resident

Target language: Italian

Short bio: I’m a 27-year old medical doctor living in Milan. I’ve graduated in Medicine and Surgery in 2020 and I’m currently a Psychiatry Resident. I’ve been interested in psychedelic research since the first year of med school, when I first got to know about this field of neurosciences. I’m particularly fascinated by the fact that psychedelics could not only be game-changing in the treatment of several mental disorders, but might also help “healthy individuals” improve their psychological well-being and self-awareness.  

Why do you support the BTG? I’ve decided to support the BTG to help make evidence-based information on psychedelics more accessible to the Italian general public. Unfortunately, most people see them only as drugs of abuse, disregarding their potentially healing effects. I’m very happy to do my part in breaking this stereotype. 

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