Code of Conduct

uniMIND study groups are academic journal clubs that do not represent the MIND Foundation, but are an extension of the MIND network and ecosystem. All uniMIND participants (e.g. coordinators, regular attendants, guests) are expected to adhere to both academic-institutional rules (e.g. the rules of your university) as well as to the uniMIND ethical Code of Conduct, which is outlined as follows.

uniMIND meetings are designed to facilitate intellectual exchange and academic networking. Parties, experiential sessions, or other hedonistic activities are not part of uniMIND meetings and will not be tolerated within the context of uniMIND. Nevertheless, if the intelligent choice of discussion topics is the bread of any successful journal club, then an amicable atmosphere and maybe sometimes cookies can make for the butter.

During uniMIND sessions as well as on the uniMIND online forum, a sober, respectful and reflected discussion is expected. Please take into account the variety of academic backgrounds a group might cover. Thus openness, curiosity and a transdisciplinary approach are values to be pursued in uniMIND club meetings.

It should be evident to every participant in uniMIND sessions that, although the choice of discussion topics remains relatively free, the structure of meetings, their content, and the general attitude should serve in in favor of your academic advancement and in support of the MIND Foundation’s good reputation as a respectable entity within the scientific and professional field, and, last but not least, to advance the consolidation of psychedelic research as a legitimate academic pursuit.

Group coordinators are required to assure a factual and appropriate discussion within their groups and to exclude anyone unable or unwilling to meet these requirements.

  In summary:

  • Observe academic institutional and MIND’s ethical rules
  • Foster intellectual exchange and community building for the benefit of serious research
  • Cultivate a sober, reflected and respectful discussion culture
  • Stay open to different views, aim for a transdisciplinary approach
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