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MIND Community Platform

Code of Conduct
for the MIND Community Platform 

The MIND Community is a value-based network of people and organizations. We promote safe, legal, and evidence-based psychedelic research, psychedelic therapies, and the rational enculturation of psychedelic states.  

The MIND Community aims to be diverse and inclusive. Parts of the community organize professionals (physicians, psychotherapists, lawyers etc.) while other parts of the community are open for people seeking self-development or for those who participated in events or workshops from MIND and our partner organizations. 

We value the participation and engagement of each member of the MIND community who is committed to establishing safe, legal and evidence-based use of the psychedelic experience in therapy and self-development. 

Everyone who participates in the MIND community platform is obliged to act according to the MIND Communities values and the code of conduct formulated in this document. Hosts and moderators will enforce this code and will exclude anyone unwilling or unable to act accordingly.  

 Community Platform Standards 

  • Use welcoming and inclusive language, do not emotionalize or sensationalize content/communication; 
  • Respect the audience: be open, friendly, and appreciative of differences; 
  • Be mindful of our diversity: our community consists of different age groups, professional and academic levels, and a multitude of nationalities – they all have their place; 
  • Transparency: be open and show yourself. It is important that our members are not anonymous but use their real name and personal information. Only in this way can we grow an accountable, trusting and sincere community. 
  • Abusive language: Hate speech, harassment, or explicit language of any kind is unwelcome. Help us upkeep the intellectual standards of our community and the kind, respectful, and safe atmosphere; 
  • English is the community’s common language. You are invited to speak other languages in designated local, regional, and national sub-groups; 
  • Don’t spam or troll, do not promote illegal activities of any type; 
  • Illegal activity– Engaging in or promoting unlawful activity in our community will lead to exclusion; 
  • Intellectual property– Please be mindful of copyrights when uploading and sharing thirdparty content; 
  • The MIND Community reserves the right to ban any members engaging in inappropriate behavior. Please inform hosts or moderators of any activity that you feel breaks these standards.  

Psychoactive substances 

The MIND Communitys online or local events shall not be used to exchange or trade psychoactive substances.    

No member shall offer or encourage third parties to offer psychedelic experiences using illegal substances. Instead, we are working towards the creation of safe and legal contexts for such experiences.   


We do not vouch for or warrant the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any message, and are not responsible for the contents of any message by members of the MIND community. The messages express the views of the author of the message, not necessarily the views of MIND or any entity associated with the MIND Community. 

Community Values 

For detailed information on the list of values below, please read this blog post.