Liliana Vasquez Mock

Holotropic Breathwork Practicioner and Facilitator
  • Psychology

Liliana, or Lili, is a psychologist by training. Her MA thesis in Psychology explored the effects of Holotropic Breathing on self-perception, perception of others, and interpersonal relationships. Lili was certified as a Holotropic Breathwork Practitioner in 2008, and subsequently leads workshops in Colombia, Central Asia, Switzerland, and Germany. She has also facilitated workshops for Dr. Stanislav Grof.

For the last 20 years, she has had a particular interest in the use of indigenous plant medicines in South America. Her close work with different Indigenous tribes has allowed her to experience the positive effects of plant medicines in conditions like addiction and depression.

Currently working in her private practice in Berlin, Lili has 15 years of experience coaching individuals, couples and groups, including different methods of self-exploration, to promote transformational processes, as well as supporting the integration of challenging experiences with non-ordinary states of consciousness.

Lili coordinates and co-facilitates the Translational Breathwork Workshops at MIND Foundation and co-facilitates the Augmented Psychotherapy Training.

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