Psychedelic Therapist Training Content

Augmented psychotherapy Training Content

What psychedelic therapists learn in the APT training

The APT – Augmented Psychotherapy Training program is being developed following the principles of outcome-based education. The specific learning objectives which are taught through different teaching formats are aligned with the following set of broad outcomes:

  • Applying psychotherapeutic concepts, methods, and attitudes to shape psychedelic-augmented and integration therapy
  • Understanding the scientific and philosophical basis of psychedelic-augmented and integration therapy
  • Communicating and cooperating with health care institutions and colleagues in multi-professional teams
  • Screening patients and planning individualized treatments
  • Preparing patients for psychedelic experiences
  • Inducing, monitoring, and supporting psychedelic experiences in psychotherapeutic settings
  • Supporting patients in the process of integrating psychedelic experiences
  • Preparing patients for the post-treatment phase
  • Communicating harm-reduction to colleagues, patients, and supporting systems
  • Complying with legal requirements and understanding ethical challenges of psychedelic-augmented and integration therapy
  • Comprehending the anthropological, social, and medical history of psychedelics
  • Acknowledging the relevance and limits of self-experience with altered states of consciousness for shaping therapeutic processes
  • Understanding existential dimensions of the psychedelic experience and incorporating this knowledge in therapeutic practice and self-development

Teaching formats in APT

The APT program follows a blended learning model (see Figure below): Over the course of the two program years, five intensive on-site trainings are held at the MIND Foundation´s headquarters in Berlin, Germany. This is complemented with continuous online trainings which are held weekly on the MIND Community Platform. Weekly online trainings involve lectures with esteemed international experts, reading group presentations and discussions, mentoring sessions with experienced therapists, and continuous neuromeditation training (learn more here).

In addition to these scheduled formats, participants complete MIND´s online program MOLECULES as well as the integration workshops BEYOND EXPERIENCE and Footsteps at their own pace.

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