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BEYOND EXPERIENCE 5-day-Intensive: the MIND Integration Program | Portugal RETREAT (Vale de Moses) 2022 (in English)

Februar 26 - März 2

€391,00 – €750,00

Come and join us for a unique 5-day psychedelic integration journey!



Beyond Experience is a carefully crafted 5-day intensive workshop on psychedelic integration. In this course, you will learn a comprehensive set of methods that help to engage with changing states of consciousness. Psychedelic experiences can have a positive, easy to accept character (e.g. the experience of being connected to the surrounding nature) or represent a challenge through their strangeness and emotional intensity (e.g. in trauma). Psychedelic integration is a process of learning from extraordinary experiences and embodying the insights in everyday life.  However, we also understand integration as a value-based attitude with which we approach these experiences – be they spontaneous, triggered by psychedelic substances, or non-pharmacological methods such as breathwork.
BEYOND EXPERIENCE offers an intense group process, in which you will learn how to integrate your own psychedelic experiences as well as supporting others in doing so. Read more.


In BEYOND EXPERIENCE you will explore different aspects of yourself, learning a variety of methods to deeper integrate the lessons and challenges of your psychedelic experiences. Clarifying your own values and building an attitude of integration are two important factors that can positively change your engagement with psychedelic experiences. Integration is striving for “wholeness”, i.e. bringing different parts of the self into a well-functioning relationship with each other.

We do not only work with knowledge transfer, but actively practice the change between different states of consciousness and their interpretations. The aim is to provide each participant with an individual set of methods that will support personal development and increase well-being.

The methods in the course range from variations of creative expression, automatic writing, body work,  working with self-aspects and biography, hypnotherapeutic trances, and music journeys to mindfulness meditation practices.

There are theoretical sessions on substance-related topics, set and setting, trip sitting, and basic concepts for understanding “integration”. This is all part of a strong and beneficial self-awareness process within the group.


BEYOND EXPERIENCE is based on the theories and methods of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). This serves as a scientifically founded frame of reference in dealing with psychedelic experiences. Next to ACT, the program is based on findings of transpersonal psychology and general psychotherapy research.

We have carefully created a multi-day group process through experimentation and feedback, which serves to enable a deeper understanding of one’s own psychedelic processes and to prepare for possible future experiences with altered states of consciousness.


Each participant fills in a medical form so that possible contraindications regarding the demanding context of the workshop can be checked in advance. This includes psychological conditions such as psychotic episodes or severe PTSD or physical complications such as epilepsy or heart disease. If you have any questions about your suitability for participation, please contact us.
When placing your order please be sure to also submit your medical form.


Click here for answers to frequently asked questions about the MIND Integration Program BEYOND EXPERIENCE.


This is BEYOND EXPERIENCE in a retreat setting! All participants will stay at Vale de Moses together with the facilitators.
There will be 3 fresh vegetarian meals a day and different accommodation options to choose from.
For the accommodation, please choose one of the following:

Single bed (in shared space) + 3 meals a day = 391€
Single bed (own space) + 3 meals a day = 462€
Double bed (own space) + 3 meals a day = 672€


No psychoactive substances are used in this course. “Integration” is not a code word, but a process, a state, and an attitude that contributes to a meaningful engagement with psychedelic experiences.


The registration fee includes participation in one of the BEYOND EXPERIENCE groups on the specified days, print material, most of the artistic material used in the workshop, as well as drinks (juice and water), and snacks during the workshop. Meals and coffee are not included.

Participants can only attend the sessions of the BEYOND EXPERIENCE workshop that they are registered to. If official travel restrictions (e.g. for coronavirus-related high-risk areas) or other official directives prevent your participation or the conduction of the workshop unexpectedly, you will be able to participate in a workshop at a later date.
The workshop takes place every day from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.
Participation fee: between 590€ and 850€ – for 5 days.
When placing your order please be sure to also submit the medical form.


For the first BEYOND EXPERIENCE in Portugal, we offer special prices!
>>Unlimited Early Bird for all tickets<<
>> 100,00€ discount! <<


Standard 850,00€ -> 750,00€

Low-Income 710,00€ -> 610,00€

Member 690,00€ -> 590,00€

If you can’t afford a ticket, but really want to participate, applying for an individual rate via our Diversity Program could be an option.



Sergio Pérez Rosal


Februar 26
März 2
€391,00 – €750,00
, ,


MIND Academy
030 290 476 58


Vale de Moses (Portugal)
Vale de Moses
Oleiros, Castelo Branco 6160-052 Portugal
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